Doc Ricco and Henry Winkler(Fonzy)

Doc Ricco and Henry Winkler(Fonzy)

We provide one on one Chiropractic care and wellness coaching using the most current and research based techniques to treat back and neck pain due to posture issues, strain/sprains, bulging or herniated discs, pinched nerves, car accidents and sports injuries. We also make custom prescription orthotics, treat extremities(shoulders, carpal tunnel, knees, plantar fasciitis etc) and provide evidence based nutrition as determined by your blood work. Some of our patients include: infants, little league athletes, high school athletes, professional athletes(NFL, UFC, WWE ), weekend warriors, pregnant mom’s, seniors, patients with MS, and many other musculoskeletal conditions.

Dr. Ricco Impastato is a native New Orleanian and a 1988 graduate of Brother Martin High School. He began his pre-med curriculum at the University of New Orleans. He continued on to earn his Bachelor of Science degree and then his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, Georgia.

Dr. Impastato started focusing on structural spinal correction and sports injuries in 1999 as part of a scoliosis research project with Life University and Chiropractic Biophysics. His hobbies include competitive powerlifting and strength & conditioning training. Dr. Impastato currently holds many state and national titles as well as records for powerlifting.


Dr. Ricco Impastato is the official/team chiropractor for the following organizations:  Old Skool Wrestling professional wrestling; Archbishop Rummel and Brother Martin High School wrestling teams; New Orleans Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club; and Louisiana Powerlifting. He is also the chiropractic consultant for Raw 504 Powerlifting and BMF Sports.
Dr. Impastato is a member in good standing of the Chiropractic Association of Louisiana.



Hi Dr. impastato, I would like to say "thank you" for helping me have a pain-free, nausea-free pregnancy! As Ava began to get ready for the real world, the additional weight and body changes made it quite difficult to continue my active career as a pharmaceutical representative. the adjustments I received before, during, and after my pregnancy relieved almost all of the aches and pains of my pregnancy, particularly lower back pain. I'm glad that I have been a patient of yours for over 6 years, and will recommend you to all. Sincerely,

Jodee Troup - pharmaceutical Representative
I initially started going to Dr. Impastato because I was getting migraines and severe neck and back pain. I had previously tried getting medicine from doctors, but it didn’t work and sometimes it made me feel worse. The chiropractic care has helped me significantly. The migraines are less severe and are much easier to manage. Since beginning care I haven’t had a “knock-me-down-all-day” migraine. In addition, if I feel a migraine coming on, I can go see Dr. Impastato and it’s gone after I see him. This has proven to be the same for common cold symptoms for my family and I. I also went to Impastato Chiropractic when I was pregnant with my second child. With my first pregnancy I experienced sciatic pain. However, with chiropractic care throughout my second pregnancy I had no sciatic pain at all. My labor was also very different. During the birth of my first child I had over 45 minutes of active pushing. With the second birth, by the time I got to the second stage of labor I only had to push two times. On the first push the baby literally fell through the pelvis and was crowning. One more push and she was out. It took less than ten minutes. Dr. Impastato checked our baby for subluxations when she was only two weeks old. She had minor misalignment and was gently adjusted. Dr. Impastato checks both of my children on a regular basis. They are healthy, active, and agile with their bodies. They enjoy going to Impastato Chiropractic. Being that my oldest was born with a muscle disorder she looks forward to the day she can go again to see Dr. Impastato. She feels much better after her adjustment. When my daughter was only a few weeks old she suffered a severe congestion. I took her to Dr. Impastato and after one adjustment her symptoms disappeared. It was wonderful not having to give her medication. People tell me they’ve heard that once you see a chiropractor you have to keep going. After my experience with chiropractic, I think people keep going to be comfortable in their bodies. I refuse to be uncomfortable in my body and will continue to use chiropractic to help me and my family stay healthy and vital! One of the things I like best about the office is how friendly it is. Impastato Chiropractic offers a range of services for everyone. I feel personally recognized and appreciated there. Thanks,

Angelle Walton Painter
I’m writing this letter to both tell my personal experience with Dr. Impastato and recommend him to treat low back pain in pregnant patients. I was diagnosed with a condition called spondylolisthesis or “spondylo” of L5 on S1 by my orthopedist. He told me that I would need surgery to relieve my low back pain. Out of fear of spine surgery I decided to try Chiropractic. I luckily chose Dr. Impastato as my chiropractor. Upon the first visit his friendly staff made me feel like I was in the right place. After meeting with Dr. Impastato and going over my x-rays, he assured me that not only would I not need surgery but that he could relieve my low back pain. After just 3-4 weeks of chiropractic adjustments, I was pain free. I continue to see Dr. Impastato about once a month for maintenance/wellness care. I have now been pain free for over one year. I do strongly recommend that pregnant women suffering from low back pain go see Dr. Impastato for natural, safe, pain relief. Dr. Impastato had made a believer out of me. Thank You,

Dr. John Megison, OBGYN
I have had lower back pain for over 40 years necessitating numerous visits to both doctors and the ER. Heating pads and muscle relaxers, along with bed rest was the answer. In April of 2010, I was in so much pain that I could hardly walk. Every movement of my body brought on a wave of pain to the point that I had to stop and wait for it to subside. A neighbor recommended that I go see Dr. Ricco Impastato, a chiropractor who he uses. Like most people, I was very leery of chiropractors because of tales I had heard over the years. Having a high tolerance for pain I waited a few days and still could not get any relief. I called to make an appointment and that was one of the most important decisions of my life. After several visits I was able to walk without a cane and the pain was subsiding. In the fall of 2012, I went to the ER with severe pain in my right side. I was admitted into the hospital and underwent tests for four days, only to determine that I had a Fathom Pain. I went back to Dr. Impastato who made an adjustment to my spine and the pain went away immediately.

John R


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