Whiplash & Neck Pain Treatment in Metairie

If you’re experiencing neck pain of any kind, Impastato can help. Chiropractic care works extremely well for the treatment and relief of neck pain and improving the function of neck articulations. There have been 5 systematic medical reviews of the effectiveness of chiropractic care and neck pain, all showing that with chiropractic care and therapies in a chiropractic office, people with neck pain and injuries have less pain, better range of motion, less disability and better outcomes than other treatments and with no treatment. statistically significant less analgesic use than continued care.


Even guidelines published by the American Physical Therapy Association recommends cervical spinal manipulation for neck pain relieve and for recovery of neck injuries. While physical therapists are trying to gain rights to be able to manipulate the spine, nobody is as well qualified to adjust the spine with precision as are doctors of chiropractic.


In our clinic, we have seen a lot of patients come in with whiplash injuries to the neck and the rest of the spine. We often find that there are other neurological problems with a fresh injury when we look deeper into the function of the cranial nerves and other nervous system indicators in the body. Whiplash injuries often extend to other parts of the body beyond the neck, and you need a doctor to care for you beyond just the neck or beyond just the muscles.


Many times people come in with a kink in their neck from when they wake up in the morning after a rough night’s sleep. They can bend one way, but with the pain, they are unable to bend the other way. This situation can last for months with massage care or with physical therapy modalities, but is quickly fixed with precision adjustments to the neck. Once you know what chiropractic can do for this type of torticollis, you immediately recommend chiropractic care to a loved one who has this.


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